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Long Length Oak Flooring

Long oak flooring gives a space a traditional look and has fewer lines breaking up the surface of the floor. In some instances, such as for wide plank oak flooring, boards may be both long and wide. Additionally, long oak flooring may be necessary for installing a random length staggered floor or herringbone floor. With angled boards of different sizes, a herringbone floor may need a few longer planks. In all cases, long oak flooring can be difficult to find, so what are your options?

Although some product lines have boards as long as 84 inches, going larger with your flooring may require contacting a mill or manufacturer directly and asking for a custom cut. If this is not possible, Pinnacle and Bruce Hardwood both have options for long oak flooring. For the former, Pinnacle Country Classics includes planks up to 84 inches long; lengths start at 36 inches. All boards are smooth hand-scraped and have pillowed edges, and just need to be stapled or glued down. Bruce's Rockwell line, on the other hand, is often added to give a space an antique appearance. With a rustic look, Bruce's Rockwell line is a longer engineered product, with planks up to 60-inches long; typically, engineered lines go no longer than 48 inches. Rockwell planks have two stain options and can be glued or floated.

Wide plank oak flooring is typically longer and wider, although this is not always the case. Also a rare product, wide plank oak flooring can be purchased as reclaimed hardwood or newly milled. For the latter, wide plank oak flooring may be up to 20-inches wide and 16 or more feet in length. Like ordinary oak flooring, wide or long plank comes in grades ranging from clear to #3 common and, if engineered, may have 2mm or thicker veneer. Brands Award, Homerwood, and Robbins all offer wide plank oak flooring in varying lengths.