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Engineered Oak Flooring

With open, coarse grain, neutral color, and appearance of rays, oak hardwood is flooring that stands out but still blends in. Distributors like Hurst Hardwoods carry red and white oak flooring in solid and engineered varieties. A uniform reddish color for heartwood and sapwood characterizes red oak flooring, and white oak has a white, cream-colored, or tan appearance. In general, oak flooring is highly shock and split resistant, is durable, and has sufficient holding ability.

As one of the most popular hardwoods, oak flooring is cut in one of three ways. A plain sawn cut gives oak flooring a plumed look, while quarter sawn creates a tiger stripe or flake appearance on the surface of the hardwood. A cut that creates straight grain, rift sawn results in oak flooring with tighter grain. Although not a cut, hand-scraping can be done to oak flooring to create a distressed or antique appearance.

Engineered oak flooring can be installed onto any floor of the house. With better moisture resistance than solid hardwood, engineered oak flooring is created from multiple layers of natural wood bonded together, and the grain on each faces a different direction. This quality results in hardwood that expands and contracts less compared to solid flooring when exposed to heat and moisture. As a result, engineered oak flooring can be installed onto attic or basement floors and over concrete or radiating in floor heat.

Engineered flooring, including oak, was once only rotary peeled, but in the present, all possible cuts are available for this type of hardwood. If you decide on unfinished engineered oak flooring for your home, understand that sanding and finishing will be needed. If you expect several rounds of finishing and sanding, find engineered flooring with a thicker top layer. The highest-quality wood, the top layer of engineered oak flooring may be 0.6mm to 3/16ths of an inch thick.

Prefinished hardwood is available by nearly all brands, and Armstrong's engineered oak flooring in butterscotch is one such popular product. No matter which engineered oak flooring you pick for your home, you have chosen a high-quality and durable product that can be installed practically anywhere.